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How to Complete Insurance Claims for Property Damage

All Nation Restoration is highly experienced in handling water, fire, or smoke damage insurance claims. They use all the proper documentation and billing software required to make the claim process go smoothly. The staff works alongside the customer, ensuring the best service and proper coverage by the insurance company.

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Property Damage Insurance Claims

The All Nation Team works well with insurance companies because they know what the companies expect from a professional property damage restoration company.

How Payment Terms Work

There are two ways the claim is paid:

  • Direct pay to the property damage restoration company: The homeowner files the insurance claim along with a direct pay form, which allows the property damage company to send a bill and collect from an insurance company directly.
  • Insurance company pays the homeowner: The damage restoration company is informed by the insurance company that the customer is being paid for damages. The damage restoration company collects payment from the property owner as soon as the payment is received. All documentation and final invoices are to both the customer and the insurance company.

Simplifying Property Damage Claims

All Nation Restoration represents each customer every step of the way through the claims process. They make the process stress-free in the following ways:

  1. Making a proper initial inspection of the job and then assisting the customer in filing the claim
  2. Processing all the documentation and having the documents ready for the customer to sign
  3. Managing all the documentation that the insurance company needs and having the documents ready at all times
  4. Obtaining the proper photos and sketches of the affected areas and completing the proper industry-standard cleaning and removal procedures
  5. Using up to date industry-standard cleaning and restoration equipment
  6. Communicating directly with the claims adjuster, meeting the adjuster on site, and coordinating the process so that everyone knows what is going on
  7. Using industry-standard billing software which makes it easier for insurance companies to pay bills
  8. Billing directly to and getting paid directly from the insurance company
  9. Never charging customers for services the insurance company refused to cover

Always Act Fast and Call a Restoration Company Quickly

When property damage occurs, call All Nation Restoration immediately so the insurance claim process can begin. Acting fast prevents further damage to the affected property.

What kind of water damage does insurance cover?

Not all water damage incidents are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Here are some guidelines.

  • Sudden and unexpected is the rule for most water damage claims.
  • The homeowner should call their insurance company right away to demonstrate good faith and avoid any hint of negligence.
  • Coverage for living expenses may be allowed if the kitchen or bathroom is non-operational.

What kind of water damage does insurance not cover?

It is essential to act quickly at the sign of any leak or noticeable water damage in order to avoid being denied coverage by the insurance company. 

  • Negligence: If a homeowner knowingly allows a leak to continue for an extended period of time and that leak causes major water damage to the home, the negligence may cause denial of coverage.
  • Unnecessary Delay: Even if the loss was sudden and unexpected, a delay could result in denial of coverage. Failing to take care of the damage could result in a mold infestation problem and thousands of dollars in extra damages.
  • Storm Flooding: Unless a homeowner has specific coverage (FEMA), rising water is also not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

What kind of fire and smoke damage do insurance companies cover?

  • Damage caused by accidental fire, lighting, and smoke are covered.
  • If the home is not considered a total loss, restoration work should be covered along with salvageable contents within the building.
  • Additional living expenses are covered if the home is not habitable after the loss or during the restoration work.

What kind of fire damage do insurance companies not cover?

There are two situations in which fire and smoke damage are not covered.

  • Arson: Committing arson to collect insurance money is a criminal offense. Investigators are generally called to investigate each claim, and if arson by the homeowner is determined to be the cause, then the damage will definitely not be covered.
  • Vacancy: If the insurance company can prove that the home was vacant for 30 consecutive days, then the house will not be covered. Ask an insurance agent about vacant home insurance.

This overview of how insurance claims work is intended to bring some clarity and peace of mind to the homeowner who is in the process of securing water, fire, or smoke damage restoration services. For more information about how the process works and how All Nation Restoration walks customers through the maze of insurance claims, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the office by phone at (512) 934-8180.

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