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Call now for a licensed mold removal team in Austin, Tx! There’s no charge for us to come out and estimates are free on-site. All Nation Restoration is here to help with all your mold removal and treatment needs.

Got a small or large area of mold? No problem, we work day and night to get your life back on track. We have trained professionals on call 24/7.

Sure signs of mold can be musty odors or long-term water leaks or standing water. Water damaged building materials can also be an indication of a possible mold problem. Mold can lead to health problems, property damage, and continue to spread throughout the entire home if left untreated.

Sometimes the damages can be larger than they appear on the surface, so we recommend calling us right away for us to take a look at the problem. Then, we can customize a game plan that works best for you.

For more information about mold removal or to schedule a time for us to come out, please call or fill out a contact form.

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Mold is a complicated fungus and it can be difficult to make sense of everything. Our goal is to help you understand exactly what you’re dealing with and to get it taken care of.

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Mold can be very difficult to detect right away. It loves to hide in some of the most inconspicuous places in your home due to the nature and environment it grows.

Some of the most common spots in your home where mold can hide are the spaces in your home that tend to have higher indoor humidity accompanied by little to no airflow and light, such as restrooms, attics, basements, under sinks, behind appliances, and other confined spaces.

How it works

The Path Through Mold Removal

Just find a festering area of mold in your home? Ouch. Let’s walk through the steps we take to eliminate the issue.


1. Find Mold & Moisture

Moisture-detecting devices are used to help determine the extent of the mold growth.


2. Move Contents Out

Contents are moved out of the area and thoroughly cleaned when necessary.


3. Seal the Area

The entire area is sealed airtight, including doors and vents.


4. Remove Contaminants

Any mold or mold-infested materials are removed and torn out if necessary.


5. Treat the Area

Treatment solutions that were specifically designed for mold are applied.


6. Anti-microbial Fogging

The area is treated with an anti-microbial mold cleaner that’s optimal for eliminating mold.


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The way people love the quality of our work is no joke. Take a look for yourself.

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"All Nation was amazing for us! William, Landon and Brandon were timely, responsive, helpful and professional every step of the way. They did a wonderful job helping us to locate our issue and walked me thru every step in the process. They are amazing. Cannot recommend them enough!"

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"My mold consultant highly recommended this company. William, Jan and Destin have been, kind, professional, helpful and outstanding in every way. Hopefully I never need mold remediation again, but if I do I will go to these guys."

Our Biggest Fan

"All Nation Restoration was the best service I ever had. These guys are awesome!! Very polite and definitely a people person. I appreciate all of them for the help they provided me in getting my jammed storage door opened and re arrangements of some of the furniture so that this wouldn't happen again. I most definitely recommend their services. 5 stars is underrated. ********************************* ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊"

The Happiest Client

"We suffered a large pipe leak in our foundation that flooded the first floor of our home and consequently, our walls too. It seemed like everyone I called was backlogged weeks and we have 2 little ones crawling around. We were referred to All Nations and they came that same night to start the water mitigation process. They were very friendly and professional. [...] When it came to billing, they were more than accommodating to work with me and my insurance company. I cant say enough about how they were able to go above and beyond to work with. I would definitely recommend them from my experience."

A Seriously Nice Person

"A pipe burst in my apartment causing it to flood around 430 in the morning. I called 10 minutes later and the employees from All Nation Restoration were able to come within 30 minutes, saving our whole apartment. They were so helpful, kind, and very reassuring! [...] Seriously so grateful and I highly recommend going through this company! Amazing people!"

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"All Nation Restoration is amazing. I felt like I was in great hands from start to finish. They were super responsive and helpful in every way. We’ve had lots of different experiences with different home repair companies over the years, and this team was one of the best overall experiences. I highly recommend them!"

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