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We Take Care of Fire Damage

There’s never a good time for your house to catch on fire. It often seems as though these tragedies strike at the worst possible times. 

We understand these hard times, which is why we do whatever we can to make the best out of a bad situation.

We can be at your home in an instant whenever there’s an emergency. 

Whether it’s your home being struck by lightning or a small candle placed too close to your curtains, we’ve got your back. We’re happy to provide tips to prevent house fires too.

Luckily, many types of fires are covered under home insurance policies, even if you accidentally start a fire yourself.

In many cases, some items can seldom be restored, such as couches and other upholstery, rubber and plastic toys, most types of food, extension cords, and canvas paintings to name a few. 

Fortunately, drywall, insulation, electrical wires, and structural materials can sometimes be cleaned, treated, and left in place. 

You need an experienced company to handle a complex situation like this, All Nation Restoration is eager to assist you through the restoration process.

Knowing the full extent of damage can be tough to determine, so we highly encourage using a certified fire damage restoration company (obviously). 

We Extend a Helping Hand When You Need It Most​

There are small companies and handymen that may be able to do the work cheaper, so they say, but the “cheaper” option can quickly turn into costing you more money and much more time.

Let us get everything done right the first time and avoid any unnecessary headaches.

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Fire Restoration Is What We Do

Our technicians are ready and able 24/7, and we never charge for estimates.* 

Fire and smoke damage can be caused by many different things. 

We’ve seen damage caused by lightning strikes, kitchen grease fires, electrical fires, cigarette butts thrown into the trash, wildfires, and even kids playing with matches. 

Fortunately, we can restore just about anything left in the aftermath of a fire. 

Fill out a contact form, or call now to take the first step toward getting your life back on track.

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Our Tried and True Strategy

There’s no need to complicate things. We’re ready to help you through this process in the fastest possible way.

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When things go up in smoke, All Nation Restoration is here to help. Contact us if your home or business has been affected by fire damage.

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Debris Removal

If your property has been impacted by any amount of fire and is now charred or covered in soot, we are always ready to rush over to you.

Quality Cleaning

You won’t find another company with our high level of quality work and attention to detail.


What They Say

The way people love the quality of our work is no joke. Take a look for yourself.

Another Satisfied Customer

"All Nation was amazing for us! William, Landon and Brandon were timely, responsive, helpful and professional every step of the way. They did a wonderful job helping us to locate our issue and walked me thru every step in the process. They are amazing. Cannot recommend them enough!"

A Pleased Patron

"My mold consultant highly recommended this company. William, Jan and Destin have been, kind, professional, helpful and outstanding in every way. Hopefully I never need mold remediation again, but if I do I will go to these guys."

Our Biggest Fan

"All Nation Restoration was the best service I ever had. These guys are awesome!! Very polite and definitely a people person. I appreciate all of them for the help they provided me in getting my jammed storage door opened and re arrangements of some of the furniture so that this wouldn't happen again. I most definitely recommend their services. 5 stars is underrated. ********************************* ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊"

The Happiest Client

"We suffered a large pipe leak in our foundation that flooded the first floor of our home and consequently, our walls too. It seemed like everyone I called was backlogged weeks and we have 2 little ones crawling around. We were referred to All Nations and they came that same night to start the water mitigation process. They were very friendly and professional. [...] When it came to billing, they were more than accommodating to work with me and my insurance company. I cant say enough about how they were able to go above and beyond to work with. I would definitely recommend them from my experience."

A Seriously Nice Person

"A pipe burst in my apartment causing it to flood around 430 in the morning. I called 10 minutes later and the employees from All Nation Restoration were able to come within 30 minutes, saving our whole apartment. They were so helpful, kind, and very reassuring! [...] Seriously so grateful and I highly recommend going through this company! Amazing people!"

The Most Delightful Somebody

"All Nation Restoration is amazing. I felt like I was in great hands from start to finish. They were super responsive and helpful in every way. We’ve had lots of different experiences with different home repair companies over the years, and this team was one of the best overall experiences. I highly recommend them!"