How Preparing Your Austin, TX Home for Winter Helps Avoid Water Damage Restoration


#1: Frozen pipes are a costly fix.

One of the most significant causes of water damage is frozen pipes. In areas where heat does not reach your pipes, they can freeze with water and burst from the ice’s expansion. This results in costly water damage under bathroom and kitchen sinks, in the garage, or outside the home.

You can prevent frozen pipes by ensuring they are adequately insulated. When temperatures reach near-freezing, it also helps to leave the faucets dripping when not used for some time. Additionally, sealing up other doors and pipe connections will help prevent a severe accident.


#2: Snow and ice accumulation can encourage further damage.

Fast-melting snow and ice are another common cause of water damage, especially if your home has an already damaged roof and gutters or doesn’t seal well. Please keep track of snow and ice buildup, so you know when it’s time to clear it away. Don’t forget to install proper weatherstripping and seal cracks and holes around entryways to prevent water from entering through doors and windows.


#3: Early prevention reduces problems promptly.

Proactive measures will go far in preventing water damage restoration. The earlier you begin preparing, the better chances you have at reducing the effects of snow, ice, and water on your home. As ice and snow melt, this can create an ideal situation for water to soak through a damaged roof or basement and wreak havoc on any home’s structural integrity.

Even small amounts of moisture in the home can create problems such as mold and wood rot. According to FEMA, mold growth can begin within 24 to 48 hours of water damage. All Nation Restoration can inspect property exteriors and yards at the first sign of frost. 


#4: General gutter maintenance is ideal.

Dirty, debris-filled gutters provide an ideal scenario for snow to freeze and melt, causing significant damage and slow drainage. Removing all obstructions will help keep melting snow and ice flowing freely and reduce the chance of water pooling in the yard. Regular gutter and downspout cleaning will help reduce winter water damage by preventing water from overflowing.


#5: Relying on professionals makes everything easier.

Calling on a professional before winter arrives is the best approach to water damage prevention. The fastest, most effective way to prepare the home to avoid winter water damage is to rely on professionals such as the team from All Nation Restoration. When needed, a professional water damage restoration team will do everything they can to ensure you don’t experience further water damage.


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