Water Damage Restoration in Austin – Buying a Home

A spooky house surrounded by fog that has water damage

To Buy or Not to Buy

Instead of building a new home, a used home can save you a fortune for you cheapskates out there, but beware of potential water damage! 

It can be a real damper and cause severe damage to the structure of the house, not to mention the health risks for anyone living there.

So don’t pinch those pennies too hard, take the necessary steps to assess the issue before purchasing.

What to Look For

The first sign of water damage is usually dark patches on parts of drywall or floors. If you see this, don’t panic, it’s probably not a poltergeist, but it does mean the house might have a leak.

Water damage can also cause materials like wood to swell and give off a musty odor, but if doors start slamming and something smells like it’s been rotting for the past century, panic, it’s probably a poltergeist.

What to Do

If you think you may have water damage, just call a local water damage restoration company for a free inspection, unless, of course, you’re an expert in moisture detection. 

You might also want to get your hands on the home’s insurance claims history, which can tell you if there have been any previous water damage incidents.

How to Do It

If the inspection shows that the house does have water damage, you’ll need to consider a few new things. 

Factor in the cost of repairing the damage into your decision to purchase the home. You may need to hire a professional to repair the damage and stop the source of the water.

Installing a dehumidifier or moisture control system could also be necessary and it’ll help keep that late-night rolling fog at bay.

If you take the time to recognize the signs of water damage, conduct a thorough inspection, and address the issue, you’ll secure a safe and healthy home. Plus, you’ll avoid the possessing headache of a haunting investment.

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