This Austin area motel experienced an extensive water loss due to in-room damage to the fire sprinkler system. 

There were 25 one and two-bedroom suites and three main hallways affected. Damage included electrical wiring, insulation, drywall, floor coverings, contents, and furniture. 

Repairs to these rooms included both bedrooms and bathrooms with complete drywall replacement, new flooring, new furnishings, new lighting, and new artwork. 

Bathrooms were gutted to studs and fitted with new tub/shower surrounds, new finishes including drywall, wallpaper, tile flooring, and new bathroom fixtures.

Three main hallways were also affected by the water damage. Repairs included new insulation, drywall, paint, lighting, signage, and flooring. 

Before the repairs began, a temporary wall with an access door was installed in each corridor to separate the workspace from unaffected areas to minimize noise and dust to the operating portion of the motel.

In all, the total loss on this property was $220,000. 

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