Case Study IX | Behind this Normal Looking Kitchen

Case Study Information

We received a call from the homeowner in a panic as she had just seen the damage to her rental property. The tenants moved out a few weeks prior. Then, the homeowner went back and noticed the musty odor throughout the home and some visible growth on the back of the kitchen wall. She was surprised to see mold growing behind the cabinets. As it turns out, she discovered the water source to be a leak in the supply line to the sink.

The Solution

We contained the affected area to prevent cross-contamination into other rooms of the home. Next, we began with our mold remediation process. All of the affected drywall and cabinets had to be discarded. The remaining wood framing was sanded, the entire area was detail cleaned with HEPA Vacuums, and we put the room under negative air pressure to capture the mold and mold spores. Finally, we achieved favorable air quality and reconstruction could begin.

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