Discover the Best Choice for Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damaged Room Before Restoration

No one ever expects to have their home stolen by a fire, but that devastating nightmare can become the reality for unfortunate homeowners. A home damaged beyond repair, sentiments lost forever, and utterly disrupted lives await them in the overwhelming aftermath. 

In times like these, choosing the wrong fire damage restoration company can be that final straw that forces you to abandon your last shred of sanity. You need a company that cares about their customers and knows what they’re doing.

We’ve read the reviews, called former customers, and crunched all the numbers to uncover the fire damage restoration companies that stand among the best of the best. Now we’ll compare the top companies in Austin and Cedar Park to help you make a great choice.

Fire Damage Cleanup & Repair Companies Ranked

Cedar Park alone is home to dozens of companies that restore fire damage, so vetting them all was extremely challenging. 

We started with a pool of restoration companies that have at least 50 reviews with a rating above 4.5. It proved difficult to contact many past customers, but the data collected was enough to be used as a factor. Communication, response time, and workload capacity were the other aspects measured.

5. Big Guys Restoration

4.9 Stars

62 Reviews

Our Rating: 7/10

Now here’s a solid company. Big Guys Restoration is a locally owned and operated business with all the necessary licenses and certifications. Their customers have great things to say about them, they have excellent workmanship, and their response time is much better than most of their competitors. 

The only negatives were a couple of minor issues with clients and their workforce is on the smaller side, limiting the amount of work they can take on.

4. ServPro of Hyde Park

4.9 Stars

128 Reviews

Our Rating: 8/10

One of many ServPro franchises from the national corporation. ServPro is obviously doing something right to be such a large company, but their locations can be a little hit-or-miss. This Hyde Park location is definitely a good one. Customers are pretty satisfied with their work and communication seems to be one of their strongest points.

Some response times come up a bit short in comparison to other companies.

3. PuroClean Property Savers

5.0 Stars

95 Reviews

Our Rating: 8/10

Another excellent franchise since 2001 with more than 400 locations. It’s been said they really care for their customers and go the extra mile to provide fantastic service. They have one of the best response times and have enough employees to handle massive projects. Out of the three locations they have in Austin, the Cedar Park location has the best response time.

There aren’t many bad things to say about this company. We got a few reports of less-than-perfect communication and there are some drawbacks to franchises, but still a great choice.

2. Total Restoration of Texas

5.0 Stars

96 Reviews

Our Rating: 9/10

A fairly close second with raving reviews, incredible response time, and a suitable workforce to tackle quite a lot. Not even one customer had anything negative to say about them – that’s impressive. Second place is well earned by Total Restoration of Texas. Their quality of work was also commonly praised.

Despite only being around for 12 years, this company has built an amazing reputation.

1. All Nation Restoration

5.0 Stars

158 Reviews

Our Rating: 10/10

WOW this fire damage company is the real deal. All of the clients we talked to went well beyond a standard 5 star review, they shared explosive rants about their experiences with All Nation. 

We had to triple check their response times because it was hard to believe these numbers – their average response time is half or less than the fastest response time of every other company we checked. Yes, half. After this shocking find, we did some digging to figure out how they’re pulling this off.

First, they give all of their employees a vehicle with everything they could need to handle a restoration job. Then, they structure their projects in a way that allows at least one technician at every job to be able to respond to a new emergency if needed. That’s basically like having business locations all over the city. Some of their response times are even under 5 minutes. 

This locally owned company has the manpower to handle large commercial jobs while juggling residential projects too. They’re a true full-service company and do everything in-house. They use their own dumpsters to throw away junk and debris, they have all the demolition equipment needed to do huge demolition jobs, and they have expert attention to detail. 

The only downside after using this company is that you may want to set your house on fire so you can use them again.

Things to Consider When Not Using a Full-Service Restoration Company

Demolition and Debris Removal

In cases where fire damage is extensive, there is often a need for demolition and debris removal to pave the way for effective restoration. Fire damage restoration companies understand the importance of starting the restoration process on a clean slate, which is why they perform demolition services or subcontract another company to handle it.

Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal

Managing debris and waste during restoration is essential to maintaining a safe jobsite. Any company should take this seriously and provide a dumpster rental and junk removal service.