What Is This Water Damage in My Home in Austin?

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How can you tell if you have water damage? Is it something you really need to worry about? What even caused it? How long has it been there? What am I going to put in the eggs for the Easter egg hunt this year?

These are very real questions that we’ve been asked by very real Austin citizens. 

We know water damage is a real pain and it’s coming for us all, so we’d like to help you prepare by talking about these questions.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably stumbled onto something that looks like it may be water damage. If not, you’re pretty weird for reading this article just for fun. 

We’ll answer all of these questions either way. Oh, but you’re on your own with that last one.


Peter | Round Rock, Tx:
“Is there anything in my home that could keep me from quickly noticing water damage?”

Tile, thick paint, plaster, paneling, and piles of junk you’ve been hoarding can all keep you from noticing water damage until it becomes severe.


James | Sunset Valley, Tx:
“Are certain areas in my home more prone to water damage?”

Absolutely. Sinks, toilets, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines all make an area more likely to be the center of a water damage incident. 

Unfortunately, plumbing runs through the majority of a home, but it can be helpful to be extra mindful of those specifically.


John | Manor, Tx:
“How can I tell how long water damage has been there?”

Drywall remains firm and usually feels wet when it’s first exposed to water, but it eventually becomes soft and squishy after a while and the area is sometimes mostly dry due to the water being absorbed by the drywall.

When water gets under hardwood and engineered wood floors, they often slosh when you walk on them, but it’s still recent damage if the boards aren’t buckling yet. 

It’s been anywhere from 24 to 72 hours if they are buckling.


Andrew | Bee Cave, Tx:
“How long can I wait before doing something about my water damage?”

Address the issue immediately in most cases. Water can cause more and more damage the longer it’s somewhere it’s not supposed to be. 

The exact time is different depending on the material, but a lot of things can be salvaged if they’re taken care of within a few hours.


Philip | Pflugerville, Tx:
“What does it mean if there’s mold present around water damage?”

Mold begins to grow within 24 to 48 hours and becomes visible within 48 to 72 hours. If you just see a little mold that’s white or green, it most likely hasn’t been more than a couple of days. 

If you see extensive mold with any other colors, it’s probably been more than a few days.


Judas I. | Elgin, Tx:
“What’s the likelihood of water damage spreading throughout my home?”

Water will almost definitely spread more and more throughout your home the longer it’s there. 

Most of the materials are absorbent in your home and water loves to be absorbed. 

You might be thinking your walls are safe from water on your floor. You might be wrong. Well, you are wrong. Water can wick up several feet on drywall and even higher if the temperature is high.


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We hope these Q&A’s are helpful for you, but you’re more than welcome to give us a call anytime to ask us anything else you have questions about.

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