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Benjamin, the founder of All Nation Restoration LLC, was born and raised in Austin, Tx.

He started his career in remediation at the young age of fifteen, apprenticing at a local restoration company to learn the ins and outs of the damage restoration industry. At age nineteen, he left that remediation company and founded All Nation.

Along the way, he met his wife, Allie, and has since had the honor of being the father of his three children. Ben and Allie each have a variety of their own interests, but they both share a strong love for sailing on the open water. Hoisting up the sail and being surrounded by water is their paradise.

When asked what aspect of his business is most important to him, Ben replied, “Showing people we care.” He’s talking about customers, and employees as well. “If we treat those two groups of people with honesty, dignity, compassion, and respect, that’s all that matters to me.”

These core values Ben has instilled in All Nation are why it has continued to snowball for over a decade. Our company culture isn’t what anyone would expect in a service company – each staff member is valued and respected. The high quality we have to offer is largely due to having employees who can build a future here, and actually enjoy it.