Case Study IV | Retail Shopping Center

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Three tenant spaces flooded from a water main break at a retail shopping area in Kyle, Texas. The water damage was primarily cosmetic but affected approximately 30,000 square feet of floor space in the three individual tenant spaces. To properly restore the homes, 3000 square feet of floor slab was removed and replaced, a portion of the parking lot was excavated and replaced to repair the broken fire main, interior metal stud/drywall partitions were removed and replaced, and VCT flooring was removed and replaced in the majority of the space.

The total scope of work performed by All Nation Restoration exceeded $350,000 for this project.

Chris MorenoCase Study IV | Retail Shopping Center
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Case Study III | Manufacturing

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Following a fire at a precast manufacturing plant in Lakeway, Texas, the owners contracted All Nation to perform the facility restoration. The 30,000 square foot/50′ tall warehouse is precast construction with a bar joist/metal deck roof structure. One-third of the roof decking had fire damage and required replacement. The building was then soda blasted and sealed with shellac for smoke and odor control. Additionally, they replaced all of the windows and overhead doors. It was also necessary to rebuild the wood shop and offices. Then, they replaced most of the roof blocking and TPO roof system.

The total scope of work performed was nearly $825,000. It only took one month to complete the entire amount of work. A quick response was critical to this client as downtime prevented them from meeting customer demand.

Chris MorenoCase Study III | Manufacturing
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Case Study II | Distribution Warehouse

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Restoration Project Report

A fire occurred at a plastics distribution facility in Georgetown, Texas, requiring restoration services for the facility. The entire 40,000 sqft building was affected by fire and smoke. During the four-month restoration, nearly 6000 sqft of the facility required new structural columns and beams as well as new 2×12 roof framing, miscellaneous block work, and a new roof. The remainder of the structure was cleaned, dry ice blasted, and re-painted to mitigate the smoke damage.

The work that had to be done exceeded $340,000 for this four-month restoration project.

Chris MorenoCase Study II | Distribution Warehouse
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Mold Threatens Rare Book Vault


The Damages:

  • An HVAC leak caused water damage to a rare book vault
  • 1500 square feet containing 5000 volumes of rare books
  • Mold-inundated commercial carpeting and drywall
  • Microbial growth visible on the surfaces of the books

All Nation’s Response:

  • By placing the work area under containment, negative pressure-protected the rest of the property from cross-contamination
  • Book stacks wrapped during demolition to prevent further contamination
  • Carpeting was removed and flooring was treated with an antimicrobial agent
  • Contaminated drywall removed, sub-surfaces cleaned, disinfected, and encapsulated
  • All surfaces HEPA vacuumed, wiped, and HEPA vacuumed again to remove mold spores
  • Worked with UT’s Book conservator to tailor a cleaning process for the rare books that would be effective and cause the least amount of damage
  • HEPA air filtration used both inside and outside containment areas
  • Commercial dehumidification units are employed to control the humidity level and return the room to a functioning, safe level

Rare books at the prestigious University of Texas at Austin were threatened by a severe case of mold contamination. All Nation Restoration was called, and with our immediate response and sensitivity to the situation, we were able to restore the space and the irreplaceable books it housed.

Chris MorenoMold Threatens Rare Book Vault
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Case Study I | Tornado Damage

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A tornado swept through Waco, Texas, and damaged numerous residences and businesses. The exterior walls of one home were torn to pieces, the structural trusses shifted from their original place on the load-bearing walls, and portions of the roof were pulled off.

To restore this home, the property walls were stripped down to studs on both the interior and exterior, the trusses were shored up (or reinforced), load-bearing walls were completely re-framed, and then the interior and exterior were entirely re-worked from framing on through finished walls.

The amount of money needed for the restoration exceeded $100,000.

Chris MorenoCase Study I | Tornado Damage
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