Are You at Risk for Flash Flooding?

Do you think your home or business is at risk for flash flooding?

Flash floods happen all over Austin all the time. They can happen to anyone when they least expect it, take a look at the KXAN story about how it even happened to us.

View our map that shows local Austin neighborhoods at potential risk for Flash Floods, and see if you fall into a flood zone.

Here are some steps that will help you be prepared for a flood if your home is in a danger zone.

1. Look at a flood map to know if you’re at risk and how much you’re at risk.

2. Keep sandbags on hand to stack in front of any entry points to your property, if needed.

3. Set aside at least 10 towels and 2 large buckets to clean up large intrusions of water.

4. Get a 5-gallon wet/dry shop vac to remove more substantial amounts of water.

5. Consider installing check valves to keep water from backing up from your drains.

6. Have a plan of where you can take your family and vehicles if the flooding may be too severe.

7. Talk to your insurance carrier about flood insurance policies to make sure you’re covered.

You're Not Alone

If you have been hit by a flash flood in your home or business, call All Nation Restoration’s 24-hour live support line for our fast emergency response team to help mitigate your water damage and start the water restoration clean-up process.

If you’ve had water damage from a past flood and want to have our team come take a look for any long-term effects from mold damage, we can provide help in this area as well.

Learn more about our post-flood damage and mold remediation services.