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Dealing with Waco Water Damage?

Whether you’re dealing with the damage from a busted pipe or you’ve had stormwater enter your home, there’s nothing fun about water damage. When your home has suffered water damage, fast action is essential to minimize the damage and restore your home before mold begins to grow. Our specially trained Waco water damage professionals are always on call to respond to emergency water damage.

All Nation Restoration is a leading water damage restoration company in Waco, Texas with nearly a decade of experience as a full-service restoration company. We take pride in helping Waco homeowners reclaim their home and move on from disaster with highly trained technicians, modern equipment, and expert techniques to make a difficult situation a bit easier to manage. We always offer free water damage inspections and estimates to ensure you know exactly what you will pay with fair pricing and help dealing with your insurance to make sure our bill is accepted and paid on your behalf.

We Work With Your Insurance

Dealing with water damage in your home isn’t just stressful; it can be a frightening experience that leaves you overwhelmed as you struggle to find a temporary place to stay, oversee the restoration, and deal with the insurance company. All Nation Restoration will work with your insurance company on your behalf with the billing software and documentation necessary to ensure a smooth, problem-free claims process that makes your life just a bit easier while waiting for your home’s safety to be restored.

Worrying about repairing your home is stressful enough; let All Nation Restoration help with your insurance claim for your peace of mind. We recommend having our technicians out for a free inspection and documentation prior to filing a claim. If any damaged items are thrown away or permanent repairs are made before the damage is inspected, your claim may be denied. With that said, your insurance company still wants you to mitigate further loss. All Nation Restoration performs emergency water damage cleanup which are considered emergency repairs during your insurance claim process to prevent further damage from standing water.

Water Damage Restoration in Waco, Texas

Water damage cleanup in Waco is a multi-phase process that begins with an inspection. All Nation Restoration offers a free water damage inspection that is one of the most important elements of reliable restoration. During the inspection, we will assess the areas of the home that have been damaged, determine the category and class of damage, and develop a tailored restoration plan to safely restore the home.

Water damage can be divided into four classes. Class 1 water damage involves only part of a room with little absorbed moisture. By class 2, the damage has affected the entire room and the water has been absorbed by the walls and flooring. At class 3, water damage extends into the walls, saturates most of the area, and even comes through the ceiling. This is the most extensive form of water damage. At class 4, we will recommend specialty drying techniques for materials like stone or hardwood floors.

The water itself is also classified into one of three categories. Category 1 water damage involves damage from a clean water source like a broken water supply pipe. If allowed to sit for too long, it can become Category 2 or 3 water. Category 2 or “grey water” refers to water from a dishwasher, washing machine, or urine-containing toilet water that may pose a health risk. Category 3 is the most dangerous. Also known as “black water,” this type of water damage involves standing water, sewage, or storm water that may contain dangerous bacteria, microbes, and viruses.

After the inspection and classification, we begin with thorough water removal. We use commercial-grade vacuums and pumps to remove as much water as possible to prevent bacteria and mold growth. The next phase is drying and dehumidifying the space. This may take several days or even weeks. Only when space is dry can we begin with thorough cleaning and sanitization with air scrubbers, antimicrobial treatments, and disinfectants to make your home safe again. The final stage is restoration which involves replacing or repairing damage to your structure and belongings.

Steps We Take to Restore Water Damage:

  1. Complete a full inspection of the water damage using high tech moisture detecting equipment.
  2. Complete full documentation of the damage including sketches, photos, videos and dry books for your records and for insurance billing purposes.
  3. Extract any standing water on your tile, wood, carpet or hard surface flooring.
  4. Carefully move your furniture and contents out of the work area while documenting any damaged furniture in the process.
  5. Remove of any non-salvageable water damaged materials such as wet baseboards, wet drywall, wet insulation, wet carpet, wet carpet pad, etc. As well as any material that might stand in the way of drying the structure. Drill Holes under the baseboard line to open up the wall cavities.
  6. Use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining water/moisture that’s trapped in your home or office.
  7. After drying we treat the water damaged area with an anti-microbial to kill any mold spores present and to prevent mold from growing. Anti-microbial is applied to your wall cavities, walls, ceiling and floors, leaving your home or office safe to begin the reconstruction process.
  8. Bill direct to your insurance company in most cases with no out of pocket cost to you.

What to Do After Suffering Waco Water Damage

Water damage cleanup in Waco needs to start as soon as possible. After your home suffers water damage, you will need to determine if it’s still safe to remain in your home and immediately make plans to address the damage.

After assessing the damage, call All Nation Restoration right away to start the water damage restoration process. You can take steps to reduce the damage if safe for you to do so. After flooding in your home, don’t use any electronics and stay out of rooms with a wet ceiling. You can mop up as much excess water as possible and place aluminum foil between wet flooring and furniture legs to reduce the risk of stains. Remove any valuables to a dry, safe place.

No matter what type of water damage you have suffered in your home, it’s important to take action quickly. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, materials that haven’t been dried and cleaned properly should be discarded 48 hours after water damage due to the risks of dangerous mold and bacteria contamination. Under ideal conditions, mold only needs 24 hours to germinate and begin growing in your home.

Don’t attempt to water damage cleanup in Waco on your own. Unless the damage is minor and involves clean water, water damage restoration is an intensive and potentially dangerous project that requires trained professionals. Call All Nation Restoration today for a fast and comprehensive response. We can be there in just 45 minutes with a 24-hour response to all water damage emergencies in Waco, Texas.

For more information about water damage or to schedule a time for us to come out, call now or leave your information below.

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