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Call now for a water extraction team in the Austin area! No charge for coming out and free estimates on site! All Nation Restoration is here to help with all your Austin water extraction services. Flood from a toilet overflow or a busted pipe? No problem, All Nation Restoration works day and night to get your life back on track. We have a team of trained professionals on call 24/7 in Austin and the surrounding areas. For emergency water extraction services we can be at your location within 30 minutes of being dispatched. For the best water extraction company in Austin.

More on Our Austin Flood Cleanup Service:

Walking into your home only to find that you are standing in inches of water can be a quite overwhelming experience. We wish this upon nobody. But as long as there is plumbing where you live then there is a chance of one day having a pipe break or back-up leaving your home flooded. Large amounts of water in your home is never any good. It can quickly cause damage to your furniture, flooring, cabinets, drywall and everything else in your home. Most materials in your home act as a sponge, soaking up the water and holding it there. This is not good because most of those materials found in your home are organic, which deteriorate fast and can begin to grow mold in a matter of hours. It is best to stop the leak and extract the water as quick as possible to prevent further damage from happening. If this is happening to you now then we recommend calling us as soon as possible. In situations such as these, we can normally arrive in 30 minutes or less. Getting the water out quickly and efficiently is something we really take seriously. We have commercial grade water extraction equipment that extracts gallons of water by the second. We can extract water from all types of surfaces including carpet, carpet padding, wood floors, vinyl floors, tile and hard surfaces. Anywhere water has gone we can detect it and extract it. We have trained technicians in your area on call 24/7 ready to serve you in your time of need so don’t hesitate to call us right away.

Flood Cleanup Steps We Take:

    1. We locate the leak and immediately stop the water.
    2. We complete a full inspection of the water damage using high moisture detecting equipment.
    3. We get in touch with your insurance company to communicate our findings and our scope of work.
    4. We complete full documentation of the damage including sketches, photos, videos and dry books for your records and for insurance billing purposes.
    5. We extract any and all standing water on your tile, wood, carpet or hard surface flooring.
    6. We carefully move your furniture and contents out of the work area while documenting any damaged furniture in the process.
    7. We remove any non-salvageable water damaged materials such as wet baseboards, wet drywall, wet insulation, wet carpet, wet carpet pad, etc. As well as any material that might stand in the way of drying the structure. Drill holes under the baseboard line to open up the wall cavities.
    8. We use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove any remaining water/moisture that’s trapped in your home or office.
    9. After drying we treat the water damaged area with an anti-microbial to kill any mold spores present and to prevent mold from growing. Anti-microbial is applied to your wall cavities, walls, ceiling and floors, leaving your home or office safe to begin the reconstruction process.
    10. We bill directly to your insurance company in most cases with no out of pocket cost to you.

Steps you can take while you’re waiting for us to arrive:

    1. If possible find where the water is coming from and shut off the flow by turning off the water at the source. If the water is coming from a supply line to your toilet or faucet, you can turn the water off at the angle stop coming out of the wall by the fixture. The best thing to do is to turn the water off to the main line using the owners shut off normally located by the street. You should call a plumber if you are experiencing sewage back-up or if you cannot turn off the water yourself. Our technicians can also help in turning off the water once they are on site.
    2. Contact your home owner’s insurance company right away and let them know what just happened and that you have a water damage restoration company on their way. In most cases, you will find that you have coverage for these types of losses. Make sure that you write down your claim adjusters contact information and claim number. We will use that information to bill them directly so there is no out of pocket expenses on your end.
    3. Using your camera or mobile device take as many photos as possible. Be sure to take photos of every damaged room to include the furniture, walls and floor coverings. If you have furniture or personal items that have been damaged be sure to take photos of the damage before you move it. We will also take photos of everything when we arrive so if you can’t get it done then don’t worry about it too much.
    4. If you have items of value in your house that are irreplaceable and you just can’t live without, then we recommend you take some time to secure them and move them off-site or to an unaffected area of the house.
    5. If you want to begin extracting the water yourself then there are a few things you can do. If the water is sewage water we recommend you wait for us to arrive for safety reasons. If the water is clean water you can use towels to set up damns preventing the water from going into areas of the house that are unaffected. Using a broom or squeegee begin to push the water out of the doors and outside trying your best to go in the direction of flow. You can also use a wet vac if you have one to suck up the water from the floor. This may take several trips back and forth dumping the water once your vacuum has filled up. If you manage to get all the standing water out then you can use fans to evaporate the surface water. Make sure to keep track of the time you spent doing it yourself as most insurance companies will pay you for the time you spent mitigating the damages yourself.


These steps are meant to be suggestive only. If you are able to get them all done then awesome! If not don’t worry we can take care of it all.

For more information about Austin water extraction or to schedule a time for us to come out, please call or leave your information below.


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