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    Call now for a mold treatment specialist in the Austin area! No charge for coming out and free estimates on site! All Nation Restoration is here to help with all your Austin mold treatment services. Mold from a leaking sink? No problem, All Nation Restoration works day and night to get your life back on track. We have a team of trained professionals on call 24/7 in Austin and the surrounding areas. For emergency mold treatment services we can be at your location within 30 minutes of being dispatched. For the best mold treatment company in Austin, call immediately.

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    The products and applications we use are always EPA-registered. We have most jobs completed and your home ready for reentry in only a few hours or less. Our products leave no residue and are safe around children and pets. Trust All Nation Restoration to take care of all your mold issues in your home or office with our antimicrobial mold treatment.

    What’s the Best Way To Prevent Mold From Spreading? 

    Mold is something that we here at All Nation Restoration are all too familiar with and we don’t like it very much. We are in the business of preventing mold damage. Stopping mold before it has had the chance to spread is one of our main goals. We accomplish this goal by responding quickly to all our calls, removing the water source mold that needs to multiply, and by drying the affected areas as efficiently as possible. Eliminating the environment that mold or microbial growth needs to survive is the best way to prevent it from spreading.

    What Can You Do If I Already Have a Mold Problem?

    Sometimes mold can sneak up on the best of us, don’t worry we can help with that as well. There are times when our customers didn’t know they had a plumbing leak until mold began to form on the drywall. There are other times that an appliance or AC will leak, thinking that it will dry on its own, we let some time go by. The mold then will begin to multiply and make itself present in the forms of spores and odors. These spores and odors can get into our homes’ air systems and travel around the house causing mold to grow in our closets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Also causing us respiratory problems, allergy problems, and other health issues. We can help! The first step is removal. See more on Mold Removal & Remediation. The next step is using Antimicrobials and Biocides.

    Austin Mold Treatment Service:

    Our mold treatment service controls mold activity by implementing the use of EPA-registered chemicals called antimicrobials. Our treatment works on three different levels.

    • Sanitizer – Used to reduce the number of pathogenic microorganisms to a safe level.
    • Disinfectant – Used to destroy or stop the growth of microorganisms, but not necessarily their spores.
    • Sterilizer – Used to destroy all microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and their spores.

     We apply our mold treatment with the use of a pump-up sprayer to areas that require a direct application and from a fogging applicator to treat the whole environment.

    What Should I Expect During the Mold Treatment?

    In order to be most effective in our antimicrobial applications, here are the procedures we follow.

    • Pre-Clean – We clean and remove soils and organic matter before application.
    • Wet the Surface Appropriately – The mold or microbes must be exposed to a sufficient amount of the biocide to accomplish our desired effect.
    • Allow Sufficient Contact Time – The mold or microbes must be exposed for an adequate time period to accomplish our desired effect. The normal time period is between 2-3 hours after application. During this time frame, we ask that you and your pets be out of the house. Once the application has dried, your home will be safe to go back in.

    How Much Does Your Mold Treatment Cost?

    There defiantly variables to consider when quoting for mold treatment. We want the results of our treatment to be successful and long-lasting. Here are a few things we factor in:

    • What is the source of the mold and can it be eliminated with just the treatment alone?
    • Is there active and visible mold growth that needs to be cleaned up or removed?
    • How many areas of the home are affected and how large are those areas?
    • Do we have easy access in and around the home and do we need to move any furniture?

    By considering these questions, we can develop an accurate and fair cost for each of our customers.

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    We have trained water and fire damage technicians standing by 24 hours a day in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Manor,  Bee Cave, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Leander, Driftwood, Bastrop, Buda, Dripping Springs, Elgin, Florence, Hutto, Kyle, Logo Vista, Lakeway, Liberty Hill, Marble Falls, San Marcos, Taylor, Volente, Wimberly, Waco, Hewitt, Woodway, Robinson, Beverly Hills, Bosqueville, Bellmead, Lacy Lakeview, and Elm Mott. Our average response time is 30 minutes so don’t hesitate to call now!

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