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Need Help with Your Water or Fire Damage Insurance Claim?

All Nation Restoration are experts at handling your water, fire or smoke damage insurance claim. Call now for a technician in your area. We work well with all homeowner and business insurance companies. We have all the proper documentation and billing software required to make your claim go smooth and free of complications. You can always count us to represent you 100%, making sure you get the best service and proper coverage entitled to you by your insurance company. Are you currently being denied coverage for a water, fire or smoke damage claim? It may be possible that we can help you get the denial reversed. Call us 24 hours a day if you have any questions and would like to talk to a live insurance claims expert.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

All Nation Restoration’s technicians and office staff are well trained in handling all types of property damage claims. We are experts when it comes to water damage insurance claims, fire damage insurance claims, smoke damage insurance claims and hazardous clean-up insurance claims. We work well with insurance company’s because we know what they expect from a professional company and we deliver great service every time. We work well with you and your insurance company making sure you get the coverage you deserve and they get the proper documents, photos and invoicing required. Homeowners insurance claims can sometimes be confusing so it’s important to hire a company that understands the proper procedures insurance companies require.

Do we have to pay you or do you get paid by the insurance company?  

If we have decided that the best thing to do is file an insurance claim, then we will have you fill out a direct pay form. What this allows us to do is a bill, and collect from your insurance company directly. If you fill out this form then the answer is yes, we do collect payment directly from your insurance company. There are times however that the insurance company will send payment directly to the homeowner. In these cases, we are informed by the insurance company that this is happening and we will collect the payment as soon as you receive it. All documentation and final invoices are to both you and the insurance company.

 How do we make property damage claims easier?

We represent our all our customers every step of the way. You can always count on us to make insurance claims easy by:

  • Making a proper initial inspection of the job and helping you file the claim.
  • Having all the documentation for you to sign and all the documentation the insurance company needs ready at all times.
  • Having the proper photos and sketches of the affected areas.
  • Completing the proper industry standard cleaning and removal procedures.
  • Having up to date industry standard cleaning and restoration equipment.
  • Communicating directly with your adjuster and meeting him on site, making sure everybody is on the same page.
  • Using industry standard billing software called xactimate, which makes it easier for insurance companies to pay our bill.
  • Bill directly and get paid directly from your insurance company.
  • Never coming back and charging our customers for something the insurance company doesn’t want to pay for.

To ensure you your claims gets approved it is best to call us right away so we can prevent further damages to your home or office. Call now for a technician near you.

What kind of water damage does insurance cover?

As your coming from a long day of work, you unlock your door and walk inside. As you step in your feet are suddenly submerged in water. As you splash around you are in shock, your entire home has about 2-3 inches of water all across your floors. You walk into your bathroom to discover that the supply line on your toilet has broken off and is the reason your home is now flooded. In this case, your insurance will most likely cover the loss being that the water damage was sudden and unexpected. If your home is left without an operational kitchen or bathroom then you should be covered for additional living expenses. Sudden and unexpected is the rule for most water damage claims, that why it is important to call your insurance company right away.

What kind of water damage does insurance not cover?

It is important to act quickly at the sign of any leak or noticeable water damage in order to avoid being denied coverage by your insurance company. If you knowingly allow a leak to go on for an extended period of time and that leak causes major water damage to your home, chances are you will be denied coverage based on negligence. Even if your loss was sudden and unexpected, please don’t wait 3 weeks before doing anything about it. That to can also be denied and you can end up with a mold infestation problem and thousands of dollars in damage. Unless you have specific coverage, FEMA, rising water is also not covered.

What kind of fire and smoke damage do insurance companies cover?

Damage caused by accidental fire, lighting, and smoke are covered by most standard home owner’s insurance policies. If your home is not considered totaled, your insurance company should cover the restoration work needed to the building and the salvageable contents within the building, as well as additional living expenses if you can no longer live in your home after the loss or during the work.

What kind of fire damage do insurance companies not cover?  

There are two situations in which fire and smoke damage are not covered. One of those situations is arson. If you have committed arson in order to collect insurance money, you are committing a criminal offense. Investigators are normally called to investigate each claim, and if arson is determined to be the cause then you will definitely not be covered.  The other situation that is not covered is if your home was vacant for 30 consecutive days. If the insurance company can prove that the home was vacant for 30 consecutive days, then you will not be covered. Most insurance companies offer vacant home insurance so be sure to check with your agent if you think you will be out of the house for 30 days or more.

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