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Austin, TX, Water Damage Specialists Restore Property

Water damage usually occurs suddenly and without warning. It may be a broken pipe, a leak, or a sewage backup. Occasionally, water damage is caused by an unsuspected source such as an HVAC system in the attic.

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A Rude Awakening

The HVAC system worked flawlessly, and the homeowners went years without having a certified and experienced HVAC technician perform annual maintenance on the system. The unit was tucked away in the attic, so it was easy for it to stay out of sight and out of mind.

As the family walked in the door from a two-week vacation, they immediately noticed a terrible smell, and when they walked into the master bedroom, they were alerted to the source of the problem. The bed, carpet, walls, and ceiling were soaked. The ceiling in the guest bedroom had collapsed into the floor. The HVAC was running wide open, and water was dripping everywhere.

They made two phone calls — one to an HVAC company and the other to a water damage restoration specialist. The water leak needed to be stopped, and the damage restoration process needed to begin before the damage got any worse. The damage was too extensive for a DIY, and besides, the insurance company would most likely cover all of the expenses.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC technician discovered many issues that contributed to the massive HVAC leak. He explained that most people do not realize that an AC unit can produce as much as twenty gallons of water a day. In the case of the family’s HVAC problem, the dirty, clogged filter and the filthy coils had caused the system to work overtime to cool the home. This system was leaking more than twenty gallons a day, maybe much more. Mold and algae had built up in the condensate pan that catches the water, clogging the opening to the drip pipe. For weeks the system slowly dripped, trickled, and then poured gallon after gallon of water into the attic. As a result, the carpets were soaked, the walls warped, and the ceiling collapsed in the guest bedroom.

The tech cleaned the unit thoroughly, flushed the drip pipe, and put in a new filter. Meantime, the water damage restoration company began the process of extracting the standing water and drying the home with advanced drying equipment.

Experiencing water damage is often traumatic and stressful. If left unattended, excessive moisture can cause severe damage to property, personal belongings, and health. Water is a very destructive force and can present itself in the home, office, or construction project in many ways. Most water damage problems come suddenly and unexpectedly, either from a broken pipe, plumbing leak, or sewage backup. In most cases, there is standing water that makes its way through walls, into other rooms, or into other levels of the home or office, causing damage to drywall, carpet, wood floors, insulation, and other building materials.

Other ways water damage occurs is by slow leaking pipes in a home or office, such as shower fixtures, supply lines, and P-Traps under cabinets. When faced with these types of problems, it is essential to resolve them quickly before the damage spreads, costing more time and money to repair. A professional water damage restoration company can safely and promptly take care of the damage.

Steps All Nation Restoration Takes to Restore Water Damage

  1. Inspect the water damage using advanced moisture detecting equipment.
  2. Document the damage, including sketches, photos, videos, and dry books for records and insurance billing purposes.
  3. Extract any standing water on tile, wood, carpet, or hard surface flooring.
  4. Carefully move furniture and contents out of the work area while documenting any damaged furniture in the process.
  5. Remove any non-salvageable water damaged materials such as wet baseboards, wet drywall, wet insulation, wet carpet, wet carpet padding, as well as any material that might stand in the way of drying the structure. Technicians will drill holes under the baseboard line to open up the wall cavities.
  6. Remove any remaining water or moisture that is trapped in the home or office using air movers and dehumidifiers.
  7. Treat the water damaged area with an antimicrobial to kill any mold spores present and to prevent mold from growing. The antimicrobial is applied to wall cavities, walls, ceiling, and floors, leaving home or office safe to begin the reconstruction process.
  8. Bill directly to the insurance company in most cases with no out of pocket cost to the client.

All Nation Restoration Works With the Insurance Company

All Nation Restoration expertly handles all water damage insurance claims. They work smoothly and efficiently with all homeowners and business insurance companies. Having all the proper documentation and billing software makes claims go smooth and free of complications. All Nation Restoration makes sure the customer receives the best service and proper coverage from the insurance company. If a homeowner or business owner is being denied coverage, All Nation Restoration may help be able to get the denial reversed. Anyone can call 24 hours a day for questions or talk to a live insurance claims expert.

All Nation Restoration has been serving the Austin area for many years. The experienced, knowledgeable, and highly trained water damage restoration specialists in Austin are equipped with the most advanced moisture detection and drying technology available. The free estimate is based on a thorough inspection and reflects an accurate projection of costs. The goal of the water damage team is to get the property repaired and restored as quickly as possible so the homeowner or business owner can move forward.

For more information about water damage restoration in Austin, TX, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the office by phone at (512) 934-8180.

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