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Why Choose All Nation Restoration?

When a water, flood, or other property damage disaster happens, quickly securing the services of a property damage restoration company, such as All Nation Restoration, is crucial. With water damage, minutes matter. Delay in beginning the extraction and drying process can allow secondary water damage to occur. A few hours of delay could calculate to thousands of dollars in extra expense.

water damage restoration

In as little as twenty-four hours, mold spores can begin to propagate in an area damaged by water, according to FEMA. Beginning the cleanup and restoration immediately saves time and money and preserves the health of the occupants and service providers.

Why choose All Nation Restoration?

To help customers prepare before a water damage emergency, here is a checklist of reasons to choose All Nation Restoration as the property damage and water damage restoration company to call when disaster strikes.

Passionate about serving people

The property damage restoration industry is built upon serving people in need. What sets a company above the competition is a commitment to serving people who are in need. Dedicated technicians display an intense focus, attention to detail, and fierce drive to restore both the structure and the lives of the people who live or work in the home or business.

Broad experience

With nearly a decade of experience in the damage restoration industry and having successfully completed thousands of jobs related to water damage, flood damage, and other types of damage, the All Nation Restoration team has a rich experience base.

A culture of innovative quality enhancements

To ensure that customers are always receiving the best the industry has to offer, All Nation Restoration is always onboarding new training, technology, and techniques. This vision for innovation produces well-trained technicians and the best equipment, tools, and products the damage restoration industry has to offer.

Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction

At All Nation Restoration, the customers always come first. The customer can be certain that he or she will always have a great experience and will receive the best prices in the industry. The goal is to custom fit services to the client’s unique needs.


The team of professionals at All Nation Restoration is proud to serve customers during difficult situations. All customers receive the best efforts of the staff and technicians at all times. Consistency and integrity go hand in hand. Before the work even begins, a thorough inspection and analysis of the situation are conducted. Every client is presented with a detailed, written estimate of the work to be completed and the cost.

A detailed sketch of the home or business accompanies the estimate. In addition, a detailed line-item estimate is provided that includes the measurements of the affected room and the costs of each service needed to restore the room. Certified documentation and high-quality photos of the damages are attached at the end of each line-item estimate. There are no surprises for the customer.

Precision pricing

To provide the most accurate estimates and invoices, All Nation Restoration uses Xactimate software. Updated monthly, this insurance claim filing software ensures the customer receives the fairest pricing in the area. Used and trusted by all major insurance companies, this program ensures that submitted bills are always accepted and paid by the insurance company. The use of this program and the solid reputation of All Nation Restoration means most insurance companies grant approval to begin work immediately and will send the bill after completion.


All Nation Restoration technicians and staff are long-time employees. The office staff is efficient and friendly. Technicians are well trained, well-spoken, well-groomed, well dressed, friendly, and courteous. Technicians will never use a customer’s restroom, eat their food, smoke on their property, or accept tips. Team members not only restore a home or business, but they also restore faith in the property damage restoration industry.

True empathy

Property damage restoration often occurs in a context fraught with pain and distress. The entire team at All Nation Restoration carries all the weight of each job on their shoulders to empower the client to continue life as usual. All Nation Restoration does all the hard work and heavy lifting for the customer. The team’s positive attitudes and excellent customer service skills set a high bar for the competing service industry.

Full-service performance for one-stop shopping

All Nation Restoration is a full-service water, fire, smoke, mold, and biohazard company in the Austin and Waco Area. Being able to provide a complete service menu means no matter what the disaster is, one call solves all problems. From the initial inspection and the detailed estimate to assistance with filing insurance claims, All Nation Restoration eliminates hassles and worries.

Certifications and social proof

Technicians go through rigorous IICRC certification, the industry-standard in training and accountability. All Nation Restoration boasts abundant social proof of the quality of their work and overall customer satisfaction. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, dozens of 5-star reviews on Yelp, and a status as an Elite Service Provider with HomeAdvisor. All Nation Restoration also has a 5-star rating on Google reviews.

water damage restoration

When a water damage disaster strikes, All Nation Restoration provides complete property damage services. The team’s experience and track record demonstrate the highest level of competency. Contact the office by phone at (512) 934-8180 or email [email protected]

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How to Complete Insurance Claims for Property Damage

All Nation Restoration is highly experienced in handling water, fire, or smoke damage insurance claims. They use all the proper documentation and billing software required to make the claim process go smoothly. The staff works alongside the customer, ensuring the best service and proper coverage by the insurance company.

property damage restoration

Property Damage Insurance Claims

The All Nation Team works well with insurance companies because they know what the companies expect from a professional property damage restoration company.

How Payment Terms Work

There are two ways the claim is paid:

  • Direct pay to the property damage restoration company: The homeowner files the insurance claim along with a direct pay form, which allows the property damage company to send a bill and collect from an insurance company directly.
  • Insurance company pays the homeowner: The damage restoration company is informed by the insurance company that the customer is being paid for damages. The damage restoration company collects payment from the property owner as soon as the payment is received. All documentation and final invoices are to both the customer and the insurance company.

Simplifying Property Damage Claims

All Nation Restoration represents each customer every step of the way through the claims process. They make the process stress-free in the following ways:

  1. Making a proper initial inspection of the job and then assisting the customer in filing the claim
  2. Processing all the documentation and having the documents ready for the customer to sign
  3. Managing all the documentation that the insurance company needs and having the documents ready at all times
  4. Obtaining the proper photos and sketches of the affected areas and completing the proper industry-standard cleaning and removal procedures
  5. Using up to date industry-standard cleaning and restoration equipment
  6. Communicating directly with the claims adjuster, meeting the adjuster on site, and coordinating the process so that everyone knows what is going on
  7. Using industry-standard billing software which makes it easier for insurance companies to pay bills
  8. Billing directly to and getting paid directly from the insurance company
  9. Never charging customers for services the insurance company refused to cover

Always Act Fast and Call a Restoration Company Quickly

When property damage occurs, call All Nation Restoration immediately so the insurance claim process can begin. Acting fast prevents further damage to the affected property.

What kind of water damage does insurance cover?

Not all water damage incidents are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Here are some guidelines.

  • Sudden and unexpected is the rule for most water damage claims.
  • The homeowner should call their insurance company right away to demonstrate good faith and avoid any hint of negligence.
  • Coverage for living expenses may be allowed if the kitchen or bathroom is non-operational.

What kind of water damage does insurance not cover?

It is essential to act quickly at the sign of any leak or noticeable water damage in order to avoid being denied coverage by the insurance company. 

  • Negligence: If a homeowner knowingly allows a leak to continue for an extended period of time and that leak causes major water damage to the home, the negligence may cause denial of coverage.
  • Unnecessary Delay: Even if the loss was sudden and unexpected, a delay could result in denial of coverage. Failing to take care of the damage could result in a mold infestation problem and thousands of dollars in extra damages.
  • Storm Flooding: Unless a homeowner has specific coverage (FEMA), rising water is also not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

What kind of fire and smoke damage do insurance companies cover?

  • Damage caused by accidental fire, lighting, and smoke are covered.
  • If the home is not considered a total loss, restoration work should be covered along with salvageable contents within the building.
  • Additional living expenses are covered if the home is not habitable after the loss or during the restoration work.

What kind of fire damage do insurance companies not cover?

There are two situations in which fire and smoke damage are not covered.

  • Arson: Committing arson to collect insurance money is a criminal offense. Investigators are generally called to investigate each claim, and if arson by the homeowner is determined to be the cause, then the damage will definitely not be covered.
  • Vacancy: If the insurance company can prove that the home was vacant for 30 consecutive days, then the house will not be covered. Ask an insurance agent about vacant home insurance.

This overview of how insurance claims work is intended to bring some clarity and peace of mind to the homeowner who is in the process of securing water, fire, or smoke damage restoration services. For more information about how the process works and how All Nation Restoration walks customers through the maze of insurance claims, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the office by phone at (512) 934-8180.

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Austin, TX, Water Damage Specialists Restore Property

Water damage usually occurs suddenly and without warning. It may be a broken pipe, a leak, or a sewage backup. Occasionally, water damage is caused by an unsuspected source such as an HVAC system in the attic.

water damage restoration

A Rude Awakening

The HVAC system worked flawlessly, and the homeowners went years without having a certified and experienced HVAC technician perform annual maintenance on the system. The unit was tucked away in the attic, so it was easy for it to stay out of sight and out of mind.

As the family walked in the door from a two-week vacation, they immediately noticed a terrible smell, and when they walked into the master bedroom, they were alerted to the source of the problem. The bed, carpet, walls, and ceiling were soaked. The ceiling in the guest bedroom had collapsed into the floor. The HVAC was running wide open, and water was dripping everywhere.

They made two phone calls — one to an HVAC company and the other to a water damage restoration specialist. The water leak needed to be stopped, and the damage restoration process needed to begin before the damage got any worse. The damage was too extensive for a DIY, and besides, the insurance company would most likely cover all of the expenses.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC technician discovered many issues that contributed to the massive HVAC leak. He explained that most people do not realize that an AC unit can produce as much as twenty gallons of water a day. In the case of the family’s HVAC problem, the dirty, clogged filter and the filthy coils had caused the system to work overtime to cool the home. This system was leaking more than twenty gallons a day, maybe much more. Mold and algae had built up in the condensate pan that catches the water, clogging the opening to the drip pipe. For weeks the system slowly dripped, trickled, and then poured gallon after gallon of water into the attic. As a result, the carpets were soaked, the walls warped, and the ceiling collapsed in the guest bedroom.

The tech cleaned the unit thoroughly, flushed the drip pipe, and put in a new filter. Meantime, the water damage restoration company began the process of extracting the standing water and drying the home with advanced drying equipment.

Experiencing water damage is often traumatic and stressful. If left unattended, excessive moisture can cause severe damage to property, personal belongings, and health. Water is a very destructive force and can present itself in the home, office, or construction project in many ways. Most water damage problems come suddenly and unexpectedly, either from a broken pipe, plumbing leak, or sewage backup. In most cases, there is standing water that makes its way through walls, into other rooms, or into other levels of the home or office, causing damage to drywall, carpet, wood floors, insulation, and other building materials.

Other ways water damage occurs is by slow leaking pipes in a home or office, such as shower fixtures, supply lines, and P-Traps under cabinets. When faced with these types of problems, it is essential to resolve them quickly before the damage spreads, costing more time and money to repair. A professional water damage restoration company can safely and promptly take care of the damage.

Steps All Nation Restoration Takes to Restore Water Damage

  1. Inspect the water damage using advanced moisture detecting equipment.
  2. Document the damage, including sketches, photos, videos, and dry books for records and insurance billing purposes.
  3. Extract any standing water on tile, wood, carpet, or hard surface flooring.
  4. Carefully move furniture and contents out of the work area while documenting any damaged furniture in the process.
  5. Remove any non-salvageable water damaged materials such as wet baseboards, wet drywall, wet insulation, wet carpet, wet carpet padding, as well as any material that might stand in the way of drying the structure. Technicians will drill holes under the baseboard line to open up the wall cavities.
  6. Remove any remaining water or moisture that is trapped in the home or office using air movers and dehumidifiers.
  7. Treat the water damaged area with an antimicrobial to kill any mold spores present and to prevent mold from growing. The antimicrobial is applied to wall cavities, walls, ceiling, and floors, leaving home or office safe to begin the reconstruction process.
  8. Bill directly to the insurance company in most cases with no out of pocket cost to the client.

All Nation Restoration Works With the Insurance Company

All Nation Restoration expertly handles all water damage insurance claims. They work smoothly and efficiently with all homeowners and business insurance companies. Having all the proper documentation and billing software makes claims go smooth and free of complications. All Nation Restoration makes sure the customer receives the best service and proper coverage from the insurance company. If a homeowner or business owner is being denied coverage, All Nation Restoration may help be able to get the denial reversed. Anyone can call 24 hours a day for questions or talk to a live insurance claims expert.

All Nation Restoration has been serving the Austin area for many years. The experienced, knowledgeable, and highly trained water damage restoration specialists in Austin are equipped with the most advanced moisture detection and drying technology available. The free estimate is based on a thorough inspection and reflects an accurate projection of costs. The goal of the water damage team is to get the property repaired and restored as quickly as possible so the homeowner or business owner can move forward.

For more information about water damage restoration in Austin, TX, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the office by phone at (512) 934-8180.

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Six Safety Tips That Could Save Lives in a Water Damage Emergency

According to insurance industry research, 14,000 homes a day have a water damage incident, and the average insurance claim is almost $7,000. The average age of a failed washing machine supply line is 8.7 years. Seventy-five percent (75%) of water heaters go bad within 12 years of installation, and thirty-seven percent (37%) of US homeowners claim to have suffered water loss damages. Water damage is all but inevitable at some point in time and to some degree. Here are six tips to consider when dealing with water damage.

water damage specialist

These essential safety tips are for any situation — residential or commercial — where water is involved. The water damage may be from a damaged supply line on the washing machine, a broken water heater, or a toilet tank leak. Water damage from a natural disaster presents issues that go beyond the extent of an internally sourced water damage situation. When wrestling with a flooded home or business, the urge is to rush in, stop the source of the water, and begin the cleanup. Speed is critical in a water damage event, but safety is more important.

Tip #1: Remain calm, and do not panic.

Water damage to a home is stressful, especially if it damages furniture, ruins precious family mementos and heirlooms, or forces the residents to leave the house for several days or even longer. A trip to the hospital for chest pains only complicates matters. Knowing there are trained, experienced professionals who deal with water damage emergencies every day and do a great job in a timely fashion means the homeowner does not have to worry.

Tip #2: Identify and eliminate potential electrical dangers.

A flooded home is a very stressful challenge for the owner. While floor covering is replaceable and upholstery can be restored, electrocution can be fatal.

Personal safety is always the first concern in a water damage event, even before finding the source of the flooding and shutting off the water. If the whole house is flooded, electrical shock is always a concern. Homeowners should avoid stepping in the water until sources of potential electrical shock have been identified and eliminated. Appliances and extension cords in the water are dangerous, and a water damage issue could turn into a fire hazard if electrical appliances make contact with water. To be safe, shut off the power from outside the home or commercial building.

In a large-scale flood in a neighborhood, it is still possible to get electrocuted in the home with the power off at the meter. If someone nearby has a generator that is back feeding the power grid, it could present a hazard. Homeowners who are not familiar with basic principles of residential electricity should trust experienced professionals to take care of the situation.

Tip #3: Identify any hazards before entering the home or commercial building.

Terrible smells, skin irritation, or itching and burning eyes may indicate that the water on the floor or in the basement may be contaminated with chemicals that were then activated. Carefully do a smell test. Is the liquid on the floor contaminated with chemicals or raw sewage? Tracking raw sewage throughout the entire house can turn a relatively simple clean up into a clean up involving the whole home.

Tip #4: Avoid slipping and falling.

Beware of slippery surfaces. Walking on wet floors can be like walking on ice. Hold on to cabinets, chairs, a table, or other furniture when walking on slippery kitchen or bathroom floors. Wear stable shoes or boots that grip the floor, and do not slosh through water barefooted.

Tip #5: Use a flashlight when walking through areas that are dark or dimly lit.

If the flooding was so extensive as to require the electricity to be turned off, use a flashlight when assessing the damage. Adequate lighting improves balance and stability. Groping around in the dark can result in head and hand injuries. Bumping around in the dark can create further safety hazards if any furniture is turned over or glass is broken and mixed with the water.

Tip #6: Wear protective clothing.

Wear rubber gloves, protective eyewear, rubber boots, and a mask or respirator. If the leak occurred over an extended period, mold, mildew, and bacteria may be growing. Exposing the lungs, eyes, or skin could be harmful. Any exposure to contaminants, such as chemicals or sewage, could be toxic or even deadly.

Bonus Tip: Avoid lifting anything heavy.

Watch out for back injuries. Water-logged cushions, pillows, carpet, clothing, and padding are very heavy. A gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. Be careful walking across slippery surfaces since an unexpected slip can injure the back, especially when carrying a heavy load.

water damage specialists


The safest plan of action is to shut off the electricity and water, call the water damage specialists at All Nation Restoration, and wait, especially if the situation is extensive and the environment is hazardous. The average response time for All Nations Restoration is less than one hour. Each circumstance is different and has its own set of safety hazards.  

An immediate response from a water damage specialist like All Nation Restoration is crucial because much of the damage happens in the first few hours of an incident. Getting a trained technician with the best equipment on the scene as soon as possible is always a best-case solution in a worst-case scenario.

All Nation Restoration is a full-service water, fire, smoke, mold and biohazard company in the Austin and Waco areas. With over eight years of experience in the damage restoration industry, the team has completed thousands of jobs. All Nation Restoration regularly improves the staff and services by implementing new training, technology, and techniques. Services include water damage, flood damage, fire damage, smoke damage, mold damage, and biohazard cleanup.

For water damage restoration in Austin, TX, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the office by phone at  (512) 934-8180 or by email at [email protected]

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Austin, TX Fire Damage Restoration Company Provides House Fire Survival Tips

Property damage restoration company offers tips to escape a house fire. A residential fire is the worst type of fire outbreak because it affects the whole family. A house fire breaks out every 86 seconds, and seconds are all the occupants have to escape the flames. The Underwriters Laboratories, which conducts state-of-the-art fire safety testing, says three minutes or less is the time window to escape a house fire.

fire damage restoration

The National Fire Protection Association noted that, in 2018, there were 363,000 house fires. That same year saw 3,655 fatalities resulting from all structural fires. Of these 3,655 fire fatalities, 2,720, or 74 percent of all fire deaths, occurred in the home.

Fire safety statistics show the following hard facts: “Every day, at least one child dies in a home fire and another 293 children are injured from fires or burns. Ninety percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires. Home fires can spread rapidly and leave families as little as two minutes to escape after an alarm has sounded. Children under 5 years of age are at the greatest risk from home fire death and injury; their death rate is nearly twice the national average. Each year, nearly 488 children ages 14 and under die in home fires, and another 116,600 children are injured from a fire/burn related incident.”

How are family pets affected by house fires? The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports, “About 40,000 pets die in residential fires each year, most from smoke inhalation, and 500,000 pets are affected overall.” Pet owners should be aware that pets also cause about 1,000 house fires a year.

Make a Plan to Protect Loved Ones

Having a Fire Escape Plan is a necessity for everyone who lives in a house or an apartment, especially if children or older adults are present. According to the American Red Cross, only 26% of Americans have a fire escape plan, and young children and older adults are twice as likely to perish in a house fire as the general population.

Eight House Fire Survival Tips

  1. Create a Fire Escape Plan

The National Fire Protection Association offers free resources to help compose a fire escape plan. A formal, well-thought-out Fire Escape Plan should clearly describe evacuation routes and exits, and identify a meetup location that is a safe distance from the home. Designate a fire escape team leader. Provide instructions on how to contact the fire department for help.

  1. Invest in Fire Safety Equipment

Safety equipment includes rope ladders, fire extinguishers, and smoke alarms. If the home has an upstairs or high windows, place fire escape ladders at each window or upper-level deck. Rope ladders should be durable and of high-quality so that they can withstand an emergency escape from a higher story. Purchase multiple fire extinguishers and place them in the master bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the bathrooms, and throughout the home. Install and test smoke alarms. While most homes already have smoke alarms, homes that do not have any alarms should have them installed immediately at every level and in each major room of the house. Test the alarms monthly, and quickly repair or replace defective units. The risk of dying in reported house fires is cut in half in homes with working smoke alarms.

  1. Test Doors for Heat Before Opening

A well-known tip for surviving a house fire is to check a door for heat before opening it. Is there any smoke filtering through the cracks between the door and the wall or floor? Is the door warm or hot? If there is no smoke filtering through and if the door is neither hot nor warm, open the door slightly and look for any signs of fire. If no signs of fire are seen, it should be safe to cautiously exit through the door.

  1. Stay Low to the Ground

The freshest air is near the floor, so stay low to the floor when escaping. Thick smoke may require an escaping family to crawl.

  1. Cover the Mouth and Nose With a Wet Rag or Shirt

In a house fire, smoke often presents the greatest danger. Many people pass out from smoke inhalation and are overcome by the flames. People should cover their mouth and nose with a rag, towel, or piece of clothing, soaking the makeshift mask with water, if possible.

  1. Do Not Re-Enter the Home After Escaping

Once everyone has safely left the burning home, stay outside. Nothing is more valuable than a life. If someone is still in the home, let the professional fire crew handle the situation. Inform the fire crew of the missing person, and hope and pray for the best.

  1. Place Emergency Kits Near Each Exit

Make several kits with extra clothing, cash, first aid supplies, important names, and telephone numbers, or even thumb drives loaded with essential files. If possible, store a kit on the property but away from the residence. First responders will arrive and assess injuries, burns, or complications from smoke inhalation. Until help arrives, the designated team leader should check everyone for injuries, burns, or shock.

  1. Practice Frequently

Schedule practice sessions. Frequently practicing the Fire Escape Plan will reduce stress, increase reaction time, strengthen quick decision-making, and improve muscle memory. If there are children in the home, incentivize or gamify the practice sessions.

Surviving a house fire requires planning, preparation, and practice. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is almost as traumatic as the fire itself, even if no one is injured. After a residential fire, it is essential to have an ally who can help families restore a sense of normalcy.

fire damage restoration

If a house fire occurs, call the fire and water damage restoration specialists at All Nation Restoration in Austin, TX. The team of highly trained professionals is on call 24/7. The highly skilled and certified technicians at All Nation Restoration are equipped with fire damage restoration equipment to take special care of the property and possessions. The All Nation Restoration team walks with clients through every step of the property damage restoration project.

For fire damage restoration in Austin, TX, visit the All Nation Restoration website at Contact the staff by phone at (512) 934-8180 or by email at [email protected]

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