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Mold Threatens Rare Book Vault at the University of Texas at Austin Library


The Damages:

  • An HVAC leak caused water damage to rare book vault
  • 1500 square feet of infected area containing 5000 volumes of rare books
  • Commercial carpeting and drywall inundated with mold
  • Microbial growth visible on the surfaces of the books

AllNation’s Response:

  • Work area placed under containment and negative pressure protecting the rest of the property from cross-contamination
  • Book stacks wrapped during demolition to prevent further contamination
  • Carpeting removed and flooring treated with an antimicrobial agent
  • Contaminated drywall removed, sub-surfaces cleaned, disinfected and encapsulated
  • All surfaces HEPA vacuumed, wiped and HEPA vacuumed again to remove mold spores
  • Worked with UT’s Book conservator to tailor a cleaning process for the rare books that would be effective and cause the least amount of damage
  • HEPA air filtration used both inside and outside containment areas
  • Commercial dehumidification units employed to control humidity level and return room to functioning, safe level

Rare books at the prestigious University of Texas at Austin were threatened by a severe case of mold contamination. All Nation was called, and with our immediate response and sensitivity to the situation we were able to restore not only the space itself, but the irreplaceable books it housed.

Chris MorenoMold Threatens Rare Book Vault at the University of Texas at Austin Library


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  • Midwest Mold Removal - March 18, 2020 reply

    Molds is the biggest enemy for the books. You should check the books once in a while to know that the books are not having molds.

    Chris Moreno - September 11, 2020 reply

    Your welcome

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