Fire Restoration Case Study: Steamatic

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Fires are devastating to the victims. Typically they have enough to deal with without trying to replace household items. Some small relief can be found in the personal items that can be cleaned and returned to victims of a fire. But, sometimes items can’t be replaced at all — or, at least, that’s how it seems. That’s where All Nation Restoration comes in.

Fire Restoration

All Nation Restoration is a company that offers a very unique service. They are called in to help clean and restore items that have been damaged by fire or water used to put out the fire. Homeowners, businesses and insurance companies all love what All Nation Restoration can do. They keep down the cost of replacing things, and in some cases save items that could never be replaced.

Doing It by Hand

Originally, All Nation Restoration had a full staff of six that could work through about fifteen boxes of damaged goods per day. They would clean using cotton swabs, brushes, rags and solvents. In most cases they could get items clean, but sometimes the smell of smoke or mildew would not be eliminated entirely. Items with more intricate features, features which many keepsakes tend to have, were nearly impossible to get completely clean. That’s where Omegasonics ultrasonic cleaners enter the picture.
Faster restoration, Better Results
Imagine being able to reduce your staff by half while over quadrupling the output of that staff. Sound impossible? Well that is just what All Nation Restoration was able to do with Omegasonics’ ultrasonic cleaners. They now carry a staff of three to four and are capable of doing close to sixty boxes a day! How? By using ultrasonic cleaners.
The results speak for themselves. Not only are speed and efficiency improved, but the pieces come out almost like new. Not only are they able to save things like plates, keepsake figurines and kitchen items, they can also save electronics! Steamatic has been able to increase the amount of items they are able to recover, up from around 70% to near 90%!
Ultrasonic cleaners can help you, too; Check out our lines of cleaning, drying and soaps today!

Joshua JacksonFire Restoration Case Study: Steamatic

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