Zach Koester

Operations Manager

Zach grew up in Austin as a child and where he still is today.

Has learned many skills and understanding of managing projects throughout his life. He found he excelled fixing problems through vehicle repair, HVAC, handyman work and in turn helped rebuild people’s lives that were affected by those problems. He learned how to put the pieces together whether that’s the job itself or the people and process it takes to get the job done.

In 2018 he started with All Nation Restoration as a Tech, then quickly and proficiently moved up the ladder and now manages other tech’s with a sharp mind and focus that All Nation Restoration fosters.

As a Operations Manager, you can expect Zach to represent All Nation Restoration by providing 5 star customer service with a great attitude, respect, communication and to present himself with a pristine appearance.

Once the estimating process is complete, it will transition to Zach where it will be converted to an active work order. From there he will communicate with you to schedule an initial state date for the crew to begin setup.

Throughout the process he will be in continuous contact with the project manager/estimator assigned to your job to get updates and time line of job progress.

If a mold job you Zach will confirm you receive the Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation (CDMR) document within 24 hours of All Nation Restoration receiving it from the mold inspector.

You can be certain that all proper documentation will be organized and verified accurate by Zach to All Nation Restorations standards.

In the end, Zach will send out the final invoice to you or your insurance company within 24 hours of job completion.

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