William Rivers

 Sales & Operations Manager
(Estimations and Proposals)

William Rivers is a born and raised Texan, originally from Elgin just 30 minutes east of Austin.

A hard worker and leader in school he persistently trained daily and become a 5-time All-American athlete.

After High School he pursued a degree at LSU in Mechanical Engineering where he gained various skills and the knowledge that is being used throughout his life and career.

He worked 2 years for a local restoration company learning and understanding the basic concepts of this line of work, and had a couple years of intense work in the South/Southwest Texas oilfield which continued to foster his work ethic and drive.

He moved back to Austin and became an owner/operator of an exterior commercial restoration company for 8 years with a focus on historical restoration and commercial property management. He facilitated all the proposals and estimates that led his company to gain large contracts.

He joined All Nation Restoration in 2019 after displaying a unique proficiency to project management and account acquisition. He started as a craftsman, and quickly worked his way up to becoming a solid Sales & Operations Manager.

As a Chief of Sales, you can expect William to represent All Nation Restoration by providing 5-star customer service with a great attitude, respect, communication and to present himself with a pristine appearance.

When you call All Nation Restoration, you will be greeted professionally by William followed by a brief conversation gathering all require information to initiate an appropriate assessment of the unfortunate issue or event that occurred.

You will be assured by William that All Nation Restoration strives to provide fairness and honesty with a streamlined summery of how we can assist you through this process.

He will immediately assign a Project Manager/Estimator to assess the property damage and/or affected area.

Within 24-48 hours of the completed assessment, William will contact you with a fair and detailed estimate of mitigation.

Finally, once the estimate has been approved, you can expect William to coordinate with the Field & Operations Manager to convert the estimate to a work order by communicating with you and initiating a clear start date for one of our crews to begin setup.

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