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Alongside his wife of four years, Nathan has been raising two beautiful fur babies for the past two and a half years. Benzo is a two-year-old pitbull who would play fetch all day if he could. Gemini is an American bully with a passion for tearing apart stuffed hippos, and she’s just shy of eight weeks old. Both of these dogs have captivating personalities that you can’t help but love.

Hobbs, New Mexico is the town Nathan grew up in, and he left his hometown in 2016 for an adventure of his own in Austin, Texas. Nathan is the type of person who always invites a challenge. He believes pushing himself and learning to adapt to difficult situations will ultimately grow him into the refined man he aims to be.

A favorite hobby of Nathan’s is collecting knives from all over the world. The 16th-century Indonesian Kris blade and the 17th-century Shamshir Damascus Steel blade are two of his favorite pieces. His interests also include sketching landscapes and architecture, financial planning, and business and economics. 

When he was only six years old, his grandfather gave him his first sketchbook. He was actually pretty terrible at first, but he didn’t let that stop him. Fast forward ten years and you’d think he was a natural prodigy. 

Nathan’s interest in the world of business and economics is a curiosity he developed on his own. As he continues cultivating this passion, he plans to expand his understanding of stock trading for a more comfortable future with his family.

Damage restoration was introduced to Nathan in 2018. His ability to learn and adapt to this environment has proven him to be an incredible asset. Between his unrelenting work ethic and impressive skill, he’s expected to have a fulfilling future ahead of him.