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Max’s career path began years ago in the food industry. Ever since he was a child, all he wanted to do was be a chef. Nothing gave him that rush that cooking did. The excitement of trying something new and the reward of persisting until its perfection gave meaning to his life.

The early winter of ‘09 threw Max into his first restaurant, Braugh’s Eatery. He couldn’t start in the kitchen right away; the diner required him to spend some time bussing tables and serving guests first. After two years of diligent work, Max grew tired of being held back from the kitchen. A short discussion with his manager yielded the opportunity for him to prove his capabilities.

His manager allowed him to spend two weeks helping the chefs in the back so he could learn the different dishes the restaurant served. The chefs had only good things to say about Max, and it was clear they worked together splendidly. He approached the moment of truth when his manager said it was time to put his skills to the test. If he could make the dishes he needed to, he would be promoted to chef.

With a smile on his face, Max got to work. Turning up the heat with a little sizzling, searing, and sauteeing, he crafted some of his finest work. He plated the dish and eagerly presented it to his manager. “Oh, wow!” his manager gasped, “Max, this is incredible!”

Raising his head in victory and crossing his arms with pride, he never expected his manager’s following words. “But Max, this isn’t the Braugh way we cook our dishes.” Max explained, “Yes, I know, but don’t you think this is a much better way for the dish to be cooked?” Ignoring the question, his manager continued, “It’s clear that you’re competent, so I’ll allow you to work in the kitchen under the supervision of the other chefs. However, I forbid you from altering our recipes in any way.”

Dropping his arms in defeat, Max is frozen, and his eyes glaze over. He grasped the dreams he had spent so much time working towards, only for them to fall to pieces like shards of broken glass.

He reluctantly worked as a chef, stripped of free will, for a month before leaving the tomb of his dreams. A lot of time passed before the pain wore off, but he knew he had to find a way to move on and make his own happiness. His cooking days have since been confined to his own kitchen, where he’s granted the freedom for which his heart longs.

Since he needed a means to fund his passion, his winding path has now led to a long-term career with us. We’ve found that Max’s skills extend far beyond the butcher’s knife and spatula. His precise abilities have shown themselves to be a perfect fit for the quality of work we strive for, and we couldn’t be happier to have him.