Landon Taylor

Account Representative

Contact Card

Landon has been a North Austinite from birth.

His work background speaks for itself as he had 2 years of carpet cleaning restoration experience and over 8 years of project management experience for a commercial glass company.

He carries himself with the confidence of a leader; with honesty and the pride of seeing a satisfied customer.

You will see he is a great man that displays the values we hold at All Nation Restoration, LLC.

As a project manager for All Nation Restoration you can expect Landon to present the 5-star customer service our company is known for. He caters respect, communication, and a great attitude, with the punctuality to arrive on-site with a presentable appearance.

All Nation provides all their project managers with everything they need to succeed. This enables Landon to formulate the most effective plan to get your life back in order.

You can rest assured that Landon has received rigorous training as a seasoned craftsman before working his way up to the project manager position. He knows firsthand what issues and proper remediation techniques will be required on each project. He is well versed in the proper procedures to evaluate any situation and create a fair estimate pertaining to the remediation of property damage. Which includes, but is not limited to, discovering the extent of water damage, accurately documenting important findings and creating a detailed scope of work.

Landon will ensure that the work scope to be executed is tailored to each project individually. It will include all necessary specialty equipment and confirm it will be utilized properly. Landon will ensure that the remediation team completes all strategic removals, debris is disposed of, and detachments on-site are properly stored.

Lastly, you can count on his abilities communicate efficiently with you and our operations manager throughout the entirety of the process. Getting your job moving in a positive direction towards the finish line.

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