Josh Malone

Craftsman - Head of Training

Josh is such a easy going man that grew up in the North Austin area.

His extensive work history includes over 4 years of road maintenance, 2 years of the Texas oilfield, and a combined 5 years of restoration work with a couple other restoration companies before finding a home with All Nation Restoration.

You will find that he enjoys his job and makes it fun, but also that he is hard-working, focused, and just imbodies the culture we have here at All Nation Restoration to take care of the people.

As the Head of Training – Craftsman on the Property Damage Mitigation Team, you can expect Josh to represent All Nation Restoration by providing 5 star customer service with a great attitude, respect, communication and to arrive on-site with a clean, organized vehicle and pristine presentable appearance.

All Nation Restoration provides all of their Craftsman with the best tools and supplies in the industry. So not only will his vehicle, tools and equipment be clean and organized, but he will have access to every appropriate tool and all the equipment and supplies he needs to properly preform the job or task he is assigned.

You can rest assured that Josh has rigorous in-house training by a seasoned Craftsman to preform his job above the industry standards defined by the IICRC and TDLR. As a Craftsman Josh is well versed in the proper ways to mitigate every type of property damage, using all protocols and procedures required to execute any workplan given by the Project Manager, with accuracy, cleanliness and precision.

Josh will make sure that all equipment needed for the job is loaded, delivered in proper working order, utilized properly, set up correctly, and then once the job is finished the equipment and tools are gathered and stowed away properly. Josh will ensure that all strategic removals were completed, debris and detachments on-site are completely removed and/or stored, that all areas of the job are cleaned thoroughly, the project location is locked up tight and the job site is safe to leave at the end of the work day.

Documentation is very important to all of our customers here at All Nation Restoration. Josh understands this and has everything he needs to take moisture readings, written documentation and photo documentation uploaded to your file in real time.   

Lastly, you can count on his abilities communicate efficiently with you and the project manager throughout the whole process, getting your job moving in a positive direction towards the finish line.

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