Johnathan Scoggins

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Johnathan is a proud eagle scout. He spends his free time fishing and hunting where he can be free in nature. As an eagle scout, he’s independent and resourceful. He once spent three months in the woods just to test hit grit. 

When he’s out of the woods, the sizzling sound of salsa calls his name. Cumbia and casino are his specialty, but he’s close to mastering mambo style as well. He’s not much of a showoff and he’s only won a few salsa dancing competitions, but keep in mind, he’s only entered a few salsa dancing competitions. 

There are a few more things he’s interested in, football, hiking, and camping. Hiking is a weekly activity for him and he explores a new campground at least every other month. Although it’s less frequent, Johnathan also spends some of his time welding. He’s very kind to help out friends and family with various welding requests, but he enjoys building things from start to finish when he has the time.

With his expansive work history, and random skills he’s acquired along the way, Johnathan is an excellent asset to our team. We call him our swiss army knife because he knows how to do a little of everything. (And a lot of certain things, to be fair.) On top of that, he’s OSHA certified and who doesn’t want that?