Bryan Sullivan

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Assessment Specialist

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Bryan’s military experience has instilled great values in him as it’s turned him into a seasoned veteran; even if that’s only with pepper spray and mustard gas. He always knows when to get serious and get to work.

He’s been with the company for quite some time now and has proven to be a great asset. He always ensures that all necessary work is completed and that you’re satisfied in every possible way. If you land Bryan as your project manager, you’re one lucky duck.

For twelve years, he worked in the commercial property industry, allowing him to understand unique aspects of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing maintenance. This knowledge helps him navigate challenging situations better than most could.

Documenting anything and everything is another strength of Bryan’s because he knows how important it is to all our customers. He really could be some kind of PI or deranged stalker. Fortunately, he’s neither of those things – at least we’re pretty sure.